Uncouth Raccoons

Raccoons have no manners at all!

They are ungrateful, greedy and brawl

At the drop of a hat,

And then there’s that:

They leave a shameful mess when dining

Muddy footprints, and loud whining

In the night’s middle,

And they have the nerve to piddle

Much too near to where they eat

And leave the muddy prints of all their feet—

They are raucous, rude and pretty darn crude

They growl and grumble with mouths full of food.

And they don’t share politely or step back

When another one wants a snack—

They are selfish, boorish and self-centered

They truly need to be mentored

In basic table manners and kind sharings

Of kibble, fresh water and potato parings—

But I doubt that will happen any time soon

They are and always will be gobbling goons

Oh, those naughty rude and much too cute raccoons!








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