Each morning I go out into our backyard to put out fresh kibble, birdseed and water for our “outdoorsies.” There are cats, squirrels, chipmunks, birds and the odd raccoon who wait and watch for it each day and night.

As we still have some snow on the ground (just imagine: yesterday the temps went up to 70 degrees!), I am always greeted with scores of little footprints in the snow and the mud.

The birds of course have their own distinctive prints; delicate little traceries of all their different feet. Then there are the squirrel and chipmunk footprints; the back feet ones splayed out to the sides with tiny forepaw prints at the front. The racoons leave large and messy prints in their haste to gobble up the kibble. The cats have the most distinctive pawprints, as beautiful as art work in a museum.

Over the years, I have seen and enjoyed them all. I like to think that they make this exquisite little footprint art for my pleasure, but I know that it’s all about the food for them and not art.

Would that we humans leave artful footprints in our lives as well.


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