Class Reunions

I recently got a phone call from an old friend from high school days; we are having a 50th class reunion this coming June! I swear I don’t know where the time goes; it seems like only yesterday I was in a cap and gown graduating from high school. I’m sure that most of us are grandparents by now, and it’s going to be fun to see everyone again.

Isn’t it strange how we worried so much way back when; did we look all right? Were we wearing the “right” clothes? Was our hair perfectly perfect? Were we popular? Did those in our class like us? We were so young and so worried about ourselves back then. It seems like a lifetime ago that those things mattered.

I was always envious of those whom I thought were smart and “cool.” They seemed to fit right in with everyone; plus they always seemed so much at ease with themselves. Now at my age I wonder if they too felt out of place as I did.

You know how it is; there are the really cool kids, the smart kids, the goofy kids, the weird kids, the scary kids—and all of us must have felt at one time or other that we didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. From an early age I loved reading and writing; English was my favorite class. Of course, that wasn’t really on the “cool” spectrum, but I still loved it. Having read books that were often over my head, I had a strange vocabulary which was off-putting to some people. I’m sure that, in their eyes, I was just showing off.

I remember the last reunion I went to; it was either the 10 year one or the 20 year one. I had had a pretty potent drink, and I went up to a woman I knew back in high school. Back then she intimidated me; she was pretty, popular, smart and could be a bit acerbic at times. I remember wobbling up to her and saying that I used to be terrified of her.

She looked stunned, and then laughed. She said, “me?! I was terrified of everyone!” We had a good chat with each other, and ended up laughing together.

When I think back on the high school days, all of us, probably even the cool kids; had doubts and fears and worries. That’s just part of being young. Now that we are all 50 years away from those days, it’s going to be fun to see everyone again.

Of course we have all changed. Of course over time we have lost loved ones. Of course we have weathered hard times and rejoiced in good times. Of course we have loved and lost, and of course we now have grandchildren and plenty of stories to tell.

50 years is a long time, but I’m sure that those years will melt away when we are all together again. Good grief, where does the time go?


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