Aloha, Oahu!

The Crankee Yankee and I went to AAA and booked my trip to Oahu the other day. I still can’t believe I’m going, but I am—what an adventure! I decided not to island-hop; there is plenty to do in Oahu. I’m leaving close to the end of this month and will be back in two weeks.

While I’m soaking up sunshine in Oahu, the Crankee Yankee will be having the time of his life renovating the kitchen. I ask you; what more could a woman want? I feel extremely spoiled; but very happy. The nice gal at AAA got me booked on the tours I wanted to go on, and thoughtfully spaced them every other day.

I will be staying in a nice little condo with a balcony overlooking Waikiki beach. I can walk down to buy fruit and easy meals, go shopping, go swimming, and just take in the fact that I am planting my big old feet on Hawaiian soil. I’m looking forward to the first tour, which will be Pearl Harbor. My final tour will be the Hawaii 5-O adventure.

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to visit Hawaii, but I never seemed to have the time or the money to go. This time, everything has lined up perfectly, and the message has become clear: it’s my time to go visit the place I have loved in my heart.

Have you ever gone somewhere and felt that you were home? I have felt the pull to visit Hawaii for years. I know that most people like to island-hop, and perhaps someday I will do just that. But for now, Oahu will be plenty for me.

I have danced hula for years with my two wonderful teachers. While dancing I always felt that I had done this before; perhaps in another life-time; who knows? Hula always has a meaning in every step and every gesture. It is a beautiful way to “talk story” and to connect with the past. I hope that I get a chance to dance at one of the luaus I am going to attend.

While I do have a camera on my phone, I probably will not take many pictures. I used to be obsessed with taking pictures; I wanted to remember everything. But I realized over time that I was missing out on the adventure itself. While in Oahu, I will probably buy some postcards depicting places I will see. But for the most part, I want to be present in the moment.

Aloha nui (much love), Oahu!



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