Close-ups Aren’t Always Kind, But…

As I’ve gotten older, so have my eyes. I need glasses to read, which is fine by me. Considering all the good-looking glasses out there, it’s fun to use them as part of my wardrobe.

I don’t generally wear my glasses when I am applying my makeup (which, over the years, has become pretty minimal; you know—less is more), but I do use my magnifying mirror. This is not always a pretty sight, especially when I am makeup-less. The magnifying mirror faithfully shows (in graphic detail) every dark spot, every tiny little hair (by the way, who knew that women could get hairy nostrils just like men?!) and every little blemish.

However, when I’m done and look in the non-magnifying mirror, I look pretty good. Close-ups at my age are rarely kind, but then, we’re talking about close-ups. At my age, close-ups are not my best friend. But who really sees the close-ups but ourselves (and maybe a professional stylist or makeup artist)?

We can’t assume that everyone sees us as we see ourselves. I am always taken by surprise when someone I think looks beautiful downplays themselves. We are always hardest on ourselves. Our faces and bodies may show all the trials and struggles we’ve lived through, but really—who cares? They are badges of honor for a life lived well.

I would rather have my smile wrinkles and age spots than try to look as I did in my fresh and tender youth. Think of it this way: we women go through lovely, unblemished girlhood, then there is strong and independent womanhood with everything that goes with it; then we are older, wiser, more forgiving and more ready to laugh at ourselves.

We may find that we are more adventurous as we get older; who knew? Embrace the journey and don’t spend too much time looking in the magnifying mirror.

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