Truly a “Duh” Moment

Just the other day, the Crankee Yankee was off doing errands. I kept hearing a “beep-beep-beep” from somewhere; I heard it every ten minutes or so. The only thing I could think of was that my computer was having some kind of technical trouble. I finally contacted one of those remote experts who, for a fee, will access your system and see what’s going on. (Of course, once they are done, they log out.)

I was told first that it was my “mainboard” that was the problem, and this: “So sorry, but you will have to take your computer in and get a new mainboard. Hopefully it will be under warranty.”

HUH?!?! I looked up Mac “mainboard” and didn’t see a thing about them. I am guessing that they meant a “mother board.” But be that as it may, the expert implied that it was causing the beeping. However, our Mac seemed to be just fine; everything was working as normal.

I also received another note from the expert, who wrote this: “So sorry, but you will have to return your Kindle.” Double HUH?! What in the world did my relatively new Kindle have to do with any of this? I emailed him back with this question; he replied, “sorry, it’s the Mac.” I began to think that this kid was either on something or just making things up.

So, about the beeping: it was the Crankee Yankee that solved that mystery: turns out that my late dad’s flip-phone was on the shelf above our computer and it was nearly out of charge—hence the beeping. (insert facepalm here)

So, after all this, I am just going to go on as normal. Look, I’ll admit that I barely have a foothold in all this new technology. I think that most “experts” you call on to help you through the technical unknowns assume that you already have a basic knowledge of how things work.

NEWS FLASH: many of us older folks (who grew up with rotary phones, cars that did not drive themselves, meals you actually had to prepare by yourself, etc.) don’t have a basic knowledge of how technology works. Not only that, but I’m finding that many “experts” are not only quite young but often have a real attitude about those of us who are not so familiar with technology. Seriously, the snark is incredible.

But, all that said, I was the one who stepped in it this time. Truly a “DUH!” moment.

One thought on “Truly a “Duh” Moment

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I am so glad you didn’t send the Mac in for repairs! Scary advice!!!

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