The Walking Dead Heads

No, I’m not referring to the TV show, “The Walking Dead” with all the icky zombies. I’m talking about regular non-zombies who apparently are not using their heads. Honestly, I don’t know if this is because of technology, insufficient brain cells or just people not paying attention.

We have a wonderful shop in town that accepts kitchenware, clothing, toys, books, shoes and boots, glasses, and so on. Funnily enough, it’s called “Wonderland.” This is where the Crankee Yankee and I bring all the stuff we do not use or need or like. Our motto is “we have enough crap. Let someone else have our excess crap.”

As we are preparing to renovate our kitchen, I have been taking down all the glassware, dishes, vases, etc. that we haven’t used since 2007. I cleaned them all and then put them in boxes to go to good old Wonderland. Yesterday I loaded up three boxes to go there. Upon arriving, I headed for the door, my hands full with the largest box. An older man walked right in front of me, opened the door and then let it slam in my face. In my head I was saying, “really?! You had to have seen me carrying a heavy box and you can’t even hold the damned door open?!”

But I had two other boxes to bring in, so I dropped the first box inside. While juggling the two smaller boxes in one arm, I reached for the door with the other. And wouldn’t you know it, the same old guy got right in my way again and let the door slam in my face—again. So of course, passive/aggressive me just said loudly, “thanks for your help!” No reaction whatsoever from the old coot. I wondered; deaf, dumb or just too self-involved?

Unfortunately, I am seeing all too much of this kind of behavior. Have we all become so self-involved that we are completely unaware of who and what is around us? To be fair, that old guy might have had some mental issues or just forgot to take his meds. Who am I to judge? But there seems to be a country-wide lack of awareness these days.

When I was living at home, my dad would tell me nearly each day to “be aware.” He meant that I should always be aware of my surroundings, the people around me, and so on. As I was often one to be in my own little world, it was fortunate that I had my dad constantly reminding me to pay attention.

I sincerely hope that, while people are submerged in their techie devices, they take the time to be aware. The dark side of technology is that it can easily lull us into a false sense of security. I brought this up once with a friend, and her answer was this: “well, I DO have a “panic button” on my phone!”

As for me, I’m sticking with Dad’s “be aware” philosophy. It takes no technology, no buttons to push, and it’s free.


One thought on “The Walking Dead Heads

  1. Alison Jolda says:

    My friend Karen and I call this “it’s all about me”. They have no awareness of anything or any one else. They are “not aware”!

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