When Things Don’t Go To Plan

My amazing step-daughter is in the Army reserves, and for years she has gone to Oahu for five weeks to do her reserve duties. Every year she would ask me if I wanted to go with her, and each year I would decline. However, this year I agreed to go. But sometimes things don’t go to plan. Per the government, her reserve work is no longer in Oahu, but will be in Texas from now on.

My first reaction was to make sure that I let her know that I understood and that this certainly was not her fault. Close on the heels of that reaction, I was wondering if I could just go to Hawaii by myself. Mind you, I haven’t flown anywhere since 2001, so I had boned up on all the TSA information. I also bought a Kindle on which to store books for the long flight.

So, what now? I decided that I will look into one of those package tours that include the flight, hotel, tours, etc. Why not? That way I would have people around my own age to tour with, but be able to be in my own space in the hotel. Seriously, how bad would that be? But I was still a bit apprehensive.

It’s funny how we become used to not doing things that we used to do. Case in point: when we go anywhere, the Crankee Yankee always drives. I’m very comfortable with this; years ago he was a long-distance trucker and is an excellent driver. However, now and then I would think to myself; ‘shouldn’t I be driving now and then?’

It always seems that the right situation comes at the right time. One of my dear friends lives in Webster, MA. We went to the same Girl Scout camp when we were kids, and have kept in touch. She recently invited me down, and gave me directions. My first reaction was to think ‘oh no; all that crazy Mass traffic!’ But I really wanted to see my friend, so I pulled up my big girl panties and went. Not only did we have a great time, but I was happy to know that I could still drive well in Mass.

Just recently I went to visit a good friend in Windham, NH. She and her husband and I used to work together, and we have stayed in touch for years. They recently moved out of their house and now live in a beautiful condo in Windham.

Again, I felt apprehensive about driving to a place I hadn’t been to before. But I remembered that I drove myself to Webster, MA with no problems, so off I went. It was wonderful to see my old friends again. There were no problems on the drive. I felt a lot more confident.

So, that being said, why not take another leap of faith and join a tour group and go to Hawaii myself? It’s not like I’m not prepared; I had already bought a suitcase, two bathing suits, a carry-on bag, all the plastic tubes and tubs to fill with my creams and lotions, etc. Plus all I really need to pack is the clothing I wore all summer.

I’ll let you know how it goes. True, this yet one more leap of faith, but why not just go ahead and jump in? Oh, and before I forget, here’s a good joke about what to take on a flight:

Two vultures get on a plane. Each one has a dead rabbit under one wing. The attendant sees this and said, “Hey! You can’t bring those on board!”

The first vulture said, “yes, we can; it’s carrion.”



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