When in Doubt, Consult the Fortune Cookie

The Crankee Yankee and I are fond of Chinese food, and we often end up with a big bag of fortune cookies. Usually we tend to forget about them, but now and then we pick out one or two as a light dessert. We also enjoy the wisdom of the paper fortune inside.

Sometimes during the day I feel like something sweet, but nothing too big; the fortune cookie is just right. I always get a kick out of reading its little wisdoms; it makes a good spin on the day.

Yesterday I took a break and cracked open a fortune cookie. It read “As long as you don’t sign up for anything new, you’ll do fine.” Good advice.

My mother once got a fortune cookie that read, “you will have many friends.” One day a policeman pulled her over for going 10 miles over the speed limit. He asked for her license and registration. The paper fortune was stuck to her license, and he read it. He looked at her and grinned.

She smiled back and said, “so, are you one of my many friends?” His reply—“this time, I am. Now slow down, friend.” To this day, it makes me laugh.

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