My New Time Management System

If you are anything like me, you have a certain period during the day where you are on point, attentive, engaged; your brain is going tickety-boo and everything is right on schedule. However, I find that around 2pm I am pretty much toasted. Anything of any importance has to be left for the next day as I am too stupified to deal with it after 2pm.

When I was in college, I could read, write and get all my homework done well past midnight. I had energy to spare, my mind was sharp and I could easily survive working most of the night. I would occasionally get up and stretch, and run down to the basement to stuff quarters in our snack machines; peanut butter cups and potato chips kept me going. It seemed as if I had great stores of energy and that I could literally do anything. 

Those days are long gone. As the daylight wanes and that last bit of gorgeous alpine-glow heralds the sun’s descent, my brain demands rest from anything too serious. That’s about the time I indulge in funny cat videos, go back to the book I’m reading, or just get a snack and watch some TV. All my smarts and energy need rest as much as I do.

There’s no sense in trying to rally yourself to do ‘just one more thing’ <insert any thought-provoking stuff here>. Energy slows down as we age, and I’m not fighting it. Instead, I prepare for a comfortable evening and a good dinner with the Crankee Yankee. Usually all the cats are hanging out in the living room with us, and, having had a good lunch around 2:15 PM, they are in no hurry to move.

In fact, they are the inspiration for my daily 2pm brain shut-down. Just watch a sleepy cat and you’ll see that they look nearly boneless; stretched out on their favorite spots, eyes half-closed and purring to themselves. We could all take a good lesson from them. You don’t see them rushing around trying to do this, that, or the other thing; when they are done for the day, that’s it and all. 

Try it yourself. It’s easier that you think to bring this little pool of serenity into your life. Decide on what your “shut down” time is, and go for it. It’s amazing how quickly our brains and bodies come to embrace this 2pm phenomenon.

You know, I’d write more, but right now our couch is calling me as well as the new book I bought yesterday. Oh, and that half-finished cookie I left in the living room…


One thought on “My New Time Management System

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Retirement (and productivity) is definitely enhanced by 2:00 pm chair time with a book and a blankie…

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