A Great Song About Cats

If you like*Garrison Keillor and his sense of humor as I do, you may remember his famous cat song, “The In and Out Cat.” The first time I heard it, I laughed my head off; it says more about cats and how we react to them. If you have a cat, (or in our case, cats) you can certainly agree with their propensity to change their minds at a moment’s notice.

The lyrics follow:

“I want to go out –

Open that door if you love me

Gotta go out, want to breathe the air

I gotta get loose with the blue sky above me

I been here long enough, I got to be there

I want to come in – what’s the matter, can’t you hear me?

I want to come in, I am your cat!

I gotta get warm with the people I love near me

I been gone a long, long time and now I’m back

And now I want to go out –

I’m an independent creature I am a cat –

we’re the wandering kind!

It’s the call of the wild – I gotta get back to nature

These paws are made for walking and now it’s time.

OK, I’m back, but not for long I’ll soon be going –

Just give me a bite now and I’m on my way

Now open that door and I’ll – good grief, it’s snowing –

Open up – let me in – I’m back to stay

Well, now it’s stopped, so thanks for all your love

Gotta hop that freight, I’m a ramblin’ guy

Gotta hit that road – it’s in my blood or something’ –

I know you understand so please don’t cry

Hello it’s me – I know you’d probably miss me

And I came back, because I missed you so

But I can’t stay long, so honey come and kiss me –

I think I hear that long some whistle blow

I’m on my way, got to leave my mom and daddy –

Got to say goodbye, want to hear that highway hum

Now I’m all alone and I’ m feeling so unhappy –

It’s time that I went back where I came from

Yes, it’s time to go back, time to put the road behind me –

I drifted away, but I’m going back now.

Here’s the little white house –

Here’ s that picket fence and the ivy –

I’ll just knock on the door – meow

Open up, it’s me, it’s your cat it’s cold out here the water’s gettin’ higher

Momma please…”

*Garrison Keilor is famous for his radio show, “Prarie Home Companion” as well as many books.

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