Where Have All the Manners Gone?

Can anyone tell me where our manners have gone? When has the following become ok:

  • Talking loudly on one’s cell phone in a public place
  • Constantly interrupting people while they are talking
  • Peppering each and every conversation with “like” and “awesome”
  • Letting one’s children screech and scream and run around in a restaurant like a tribe of mutant howler monkeys
  • Chewing and, good grief, talking with one’s mouth full
  • Coughing or sneezing without covering one’s mouth and nose
  • Not flushing the toilet in a public place (yuck)
  • Not washing one’s hands after being in the bathroom
  • Letting an older person, a pregnant woman or a disabled person stand instead of offering them your seat

…and the list goes on. However odd the above is for today’s “non-manners,” it truely cracked me up when I read that today’s “good manners” also are fiercely opposed to anyone blowing their nose at the table in a restaurant. I can understand if someone has one of those “fog horn” blows that everyone can hear. But seriously: if my own nose is dripping, I will not be running to the ladies’ room to blow my nose. As always, I will be pulling out one of my many cotton handkerchiefs out of my bag and discretely and quietly attending to my nose.

Should someone complain, I will call them out about yapping on their phones. Or letting their child throw peas at me. Or saying that everything in the whole damn world is “awesome.”

For Pete’s sake, I’m a grown woman and it’s my nose. To misquote Forrest Gump: “manners is as manners does.”

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