But For Now, Everything is OK

I think that we are all guilty of imagining the worst when we actually do not know if that something we are worried about will happen. I have wasted hours and days and weeks worrying about things over which I have no control. It’s not only a waste of time, but a waste of our valuable peace of mind.

Case in point. My little black cat, Pookie, has a heart issue which really cannot be fixed. It causes him to have intermitant little seizures where his head bobs and he often falls over on one side or the other. He has fallen down the stairs a few times, but luckily he goes limp and doesn’t hurt himself. It scares the very hell out of me, but he just shakes it off and goes about his business as if nothing happened. He may go days without an episode, or he may have several per day.

We have a wonderful vet who often offers homeopathic remedies for our cats. The ones we are giving Pookie have helped in the past, and they do seem to improve his life. His condition will eventually end his life, and we understand this.

The Crankee Yankee and I have been through this before. We had adopted a wonderful cat we named Pepper, who actually adopted the Crankee Yankee. He ran right up to him and jumped up on his shoulder. Long story short, it turned out that he had feline cardiomyopathy and there is no cure for it. For the nine and a half months we had him, we gave him meds that eased his pain and gave him more energy.

When the time came that he was plainly suffering, we took him to our vet for the last time. Pepper passed on peacefully in our arms, with words of love in his ears.

We know that one of these days we will lose Pookie, and every time I think about it I can’t hold back my tears. He is the sweetest little guy and I can’t help it; he’s my favorite of all our five cats. I keep track of his episodes, and I give him the meds he needs.

Right now my biggest fear is that he will leave us while I am in Hawaii next month. I do so want to be with him when his time comes, but no one can tell when that will come. As I always say in my prayers: he was God’s cat before he was my cat, and when his time comes, he will not be alone. If I can’t be with him to say goodbye, I know that that Crankee Yankee will be there for him.

It’s funny; I even imagine Pookie saying to me, “oh for Heaven’s sake; just go to Hawaii already! We’re all ok here.” So that’s what I’m going to do. I don’t know how long we will have our little guy with us; hopefully it will be a good long time with him feeling good.

There is no sense or reason to worry or imagine the worst scenario; things will happen as they are meant to happen. None of us may know when our own time is up, and animals are far wiser about death that we are. If they could speak to us, they would probably say, “this body no longer serves me.” Would that we humans would take that same approach!

But for now, everything is ok, and that has to be enough.

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