The Day After Christmas

Note: I wrote this a few years back, but it still stands true.


Well, Christmas Day has come and gone

And brought us all that we were hoping on—

Whether with family, friends or on our own,

The Christmas spirit burns bright in hearts and home.

The love we feel for family and friends

Is a love that lingers, lasts and never ends—

It brings us back to Christmases past

The fond memories and joys that last and last,

The real gifts are those we love and who love us back—

(Plus the usual cache of otherwise forbidden holiday snacks!)

The whirlwind day goes by in countless memories and love—

With those still here and those above

The season of love, it never ends—

With all my heart I wish you well, dear friends!


One thought on “The Day After Christmas

  1. Dearest Jane,

    What a lovely post.

    I especially loved this part:

    “The love we feel for family and friends
    Is a love that lingers, lasts and never ends—”

    Case in point?

    Many years ago a woman I greatly admired for her beautiful heart, courage and amazing sense of humor shared a small part of her cat with me.

    She gave me a photo of her amazing cat – Blackie The Great – which I have had taped to my computer ever since.

    Every day when I sit down to my computer I see Blackie and think of this kind woman who knew I couldn’t have a cat, so she shared hers with me.

    The love and appreciation I feel for the woman and her cat will live in my heart forever.

    Thank you for such an amazing blog. As always, your writing is beautiful, calming and so inspirational.

    Happy Holidays & Hugs

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