The Almost Lost Cat

If you follow my posts, you will know that the Crankee Yankee and I are owned by five house cats; Nala, Pookie, Plumpy-Nut, Tinker and Bailey. It’s quite a crew, and they have everything in the world that a cat would want—and more. The only thing that they do not have is outdoor privileges. We live on a busy street, and, cats being who they are, they don’t always look both ways before they sashay across the street.

So, to make up for that, we have an enormous cat “jungle gym” on the back porch. There are plenty of places to sleep, perch and play. In the living room, they have two big baskets of toys. In nearly every room (excepting the bathroom and kitchen) they also have cozy cat beds. Plus they have no problem crowding us out of our own bed at night. It’s a pretty sweet life for them all.

Our basement has a door to the underside of our back porch, which leads out to our back yard. It was quite windy yesterday, and as I stepped out of the shower, I heard the door slam against the wall. Of course it was locked (I thought); we are always careful to lock the doors. But just the same, I ran down there with wet hair and wearing a towel—and the door to the backyard was open!

I closed and locked the door, then ran upstairs and counted all the cats; Nala was no where to be found. Nala is our only female, and she is not one to wander off. She had gotten out a few years back and had huddled up under our rhododendron bush so we found her quickly. I threw on some clothes and boots and ran outside calling for her. I went into the neighbors’ back yards, across the street, up and down our road; no Nala to be found.

I went back in the house and searched everywhere again. I called the Crankee Yankee, who was out doing errands. He came back home as soon as he could. By this time I was in full-on panic mode. He checked all the places in the house that I had already checked. I had looked under the bed, the sofa, and then remembered the closets. I checked them all; no Nala.

I looked in our bedroom closet and saw one of my sweaters on the floor; and it moved. Yup, Nala was in there, under the sweater, happy as a clam. I just about cried with relief. Stupidly I said to her, “you couldn’t just meow to let me know where you were?” She just yawned and snuggled back into her sweater.

I swear, this is exactly why I never had kids.

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