Turkeys on Parade

The other day the Crankee Yankee and I stopped by his brother-in-law’s house to drop off some blueberry pancakes (the Crankee Yankee always makes tons of them). After the drop-off, we drove home, taking the scenic way. We were admiring everyone’s Christmas lights and decorations when we noticed a flock of turkey hens on the side of the road.

It was evident that they all wanted to cross the road, so we stopped to let them pass. You would think that they would all run across in a bunch, but they politely went one at a time.

Now turkeys by nature are funny; as they walk, their heads bob in time with their feet. Also, they always make their signature “err-err-err” sound as they walk. It was just as if they understood that we would wait for the “parade” to go through. No one tried to run ahead of another; they just kept on walking single file until everyone was on the other side of the road.

There seemed to be no end to them, but no one else was on the road behind us, so we just enjoyed the parade. It was just a little grace note for the day, and I hope that they enjoyed the rest of their day. They certainly made our day!

To misquote Jane Goodall, “they were beautiful; those turkeys in the mist!”

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