Tis the Season to be Grabby

Although this is the season of giving thanks, kindness and happiness and civility seem to have taken a backseat. Just look at what “Black Friday” has come to mean. Sure, you can get great deals on a lot of discounted stuff, but at what personal cost?

So many of the Black Fridays have turned into a snatch-and-grab event where people often wrench what they want out of other peoples’ hands. This is three-year old behavior.

Personally, I think it started with the Cabbage Patch dolls. Remember them? I thought that they were ugly as sin, buy every kid wanted one. A friend of mine had waited patiently to buy one for his little girl, and as soon as the doll area opened up, he was swarmed by loads of women who of course wanted their children to have these dolls as well.

As he was nearly shoved out of his place in line (where he had stood for over four hours), he turned to the women pushing him and said, “if you will not act like ladies, I am not going to act like a gentleman. Please wait your turn.” Long story short, he was able to buy the doll for his daughter.

During some Black Fridays, the crowd waiting outside the shops for the doors to open often cause a stampede. In one store a greeter was literally trampled to death. A life was lost because people couldn’t act like human beings.

Do we need to go back to the kindergarten rules again? It wouldn’t hurt to remember them:

  • Be nice
  • Share
  • Clean up after yourself
  • No pinching, poking, pushing or hurting anyone
  • Be polite
  • Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated

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