Big or Small, We Feed Them All!

Well, it’s that time of year again; the temps are falling and our weather station threatens that snow will come soon. We are used to this in the Northeast; we can get snow as early as mid-October, or as late as mid-December.

Since the weather is getting chilly and we are experiencing lots of rain, it’s time to make sure that our “outdoorsie cats” have food, water and warm dry shelters. We still don’t know if any or all of our guests belong to anyone, but as they are in our back yard frequently, we always put out food and water for them, just in case.

We’ve named our “frequent feeder” guests; there is Two-Tone, a butterscotch and white cat, Scooter, a plump black cat with a tuft of white fur on his chest, and Stripey 1 and Stripey 2 (both gray and black striped). And of course during the warmer weather, we have our old friends, the skunk family, who stop by at night.

We have a “feeding station” that the Crankee Yankee built, which has three “floors” and a plexiglass roof and plexiglass sides. I put bowls of kibble on the ground floor and the middle floor day and night. During the daytime, I put out water as well. At night I put a large bowl of water down under the old BBQ table we have close by the feeding station. As it’s been cold these past nights, the water bowl is on a slab of styrofoam to help keep it from freezing. I had heard that a sprinkle of sugar in the water helps keep it from freezing, but often in the morning the bowl is iced over; so much for that. We are still working on how to keep it from freezing.

Just yesterday it was raining hard, and I saw Scooter hunkering down under the BBQ table on what had to be cold wet grass. So the Crankee Yankee went right to work. We had a cozy wooden box filled with blankets underneath our back porch, so he brought that out and placed it on another slab of styrofoam. So that problem is solved.

I made beds out of cardboard boxes and filled them with blankets for the “under the porch” visitors. This area is huge, with plenty of room for our freezer and lots of other stuff. We keep a short bungy cord on the door so that our visitors can easily slip in and find warm dry sheler. During the day, I put food bowls under the porch, and at night I bring them in. If I didn’t, our resident raccoons would make a huge mess in there during the night.

What generally happens during the night is that our guests dine at the food station, then come into the “under porch” to get warm. We also have beds in the garage and we put food and water out there as well.

If you too are caring for “outdoorsies,” I highly recommend the following for keeping cats warm: *Milliard Thermal Cat Mat/Self Heating (reversible and washable). You can buy them on Amazon, and they come in two sizes.

All in all, our outdoorsies seem to enjoy the food and shelter. It’s not unusual for one of us to go downstairs and out of the back “under porch” door and see one or two cats snoozing comfortably in their beds. If we startle them, they usually run out, but more often they just yawn and go back to sleep.

Just call us the Kitty Cat Motel.

*Info on thermal cat mats:

  • The Milliard Ultra Soft Thermal Cat Mat is a premium cat mat that offers the perfect combination of comfort and superior durability.
  • The Thermal Pet Mat works, when you’re pets on the mat the thermal core reflects the pet’s own body heat to create a cozy place to snuggle up.
  • Milliard cat mats are made only from the highest quality materials, ensuring a longer lasting and more comfortable product.
  • This mat is completely machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Simply just throw into the wash.
  • Measures: 21 inches x 17 inches or 23 inches x 30 inches. With no electricity whatsoever, there is no energy bill to take into account and no safety concerns to worry about.



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