A Day With the GrandGirls

Yesterday the Crankee Yankee and I went up to visit our granddaughters, Ava (7 1/2) and Juliette (2 1/2). It was a cold but gloriously sunny day, and as we drove into their driveway, we were serenaded with all three dogs barking their welcome, and grunts, hoots, squawks and whinnies from the farm animals.

Inside the house, the girls ran up for hugs and squeezes, each one talking over each other. Ava wanted me to help her “sort out” all her beads for her earring business, and Juliette kept asking if I wanted to see “something cool.” More on that later.

It was right around lunch time, so we all bundled up and went to Ava’s favorite diner. There was a Sunday brunch special, so the Crankee Yankee and I and the girls’ mom, Adria, had breakfast plates. The two girls asked for bacon and sausage and apple juice. Those little carnivores devoured everything, including their mom’s plate of toast.

When we went back to the farm, Ava wanted me to help her with all her earring makings. And of course, Juliette wanted me to see “something cool.” That turned out to be Juliette climbing up the ladder on Ava’s bunk bed, jumping on the bed and then hurling herself into my arms. Needless to say, three times was enough.

As I helped Ava sort through her “made” earrings and her “almost made” earrings, Juliette wanted attention from us both. They are at the ages where Ava wants to concentrate on her interests, and Juliette wants to be around Ava 24/7. Ava is a stickler for “the rules,” and each girl has a magnetic board upon which are magnetic buttons that read “be nice,” “pick up your clothes,” “no yelling,” “no fighting,” “do your chores,” and so on.

Because Ava wanted all of my attention, she threatened Juliette with removing one or two of her buttons. But honestly—Juliette couldn’t have cared less. I spent most of the time refereeing. But everyone finally settled down, and we all ended up downstairs.

As we said all of our “love yous” and goodbyes, Adria said that they act up this way because they both want my attention. There must be a special word that combines love, gratitude, amazement, wonder, joy and humility; that’s how I felt. Just for fun, I’m calling it bliss.


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