“Don’t Be a Goat; Get Out and Vote!”

Boy, does that slogan date me! Way back in the 50s, anyone who didn’t vote or dragged their feet to vote was summarily called a goat. That said, today is a big day and voting is a right we cherish in America. By voting we are part of an event bigger than ourselves, and every vote makes a difference. If you read my blog often, then you know that I do not talk politics with anyone but my husband, the Crankee Yankee.

I am always surprised (and dismayed) when anyone asks me who I voted for; that is no one’s business but mine. Voting is a personal decision, and in my view anyway; private. I have seen what political discussions can turn into, and I don’t choose to be part of it. I have seen too many families and friends divided over politics, and, quite frankly, I’m not having it.

It’s bad enough that both parties have acted badly toward each other; there’s been a whole lot of dirty pool going on. In fact, I have never seen my country so divided as it is now. I’ve seen kindergarten children act better, and the vitriol coming from both sides is shameful.

I will admit that there have been presidents and members of Congress with whom I have disagreed. However, once the die is cast, it’s time to accept who is sitting in the president’s chair, the governer’s chair, the Senate and so on. For each and every one I disliked or disagreed with, I still prayed for their well-being and safety morning and night; I still do.

We may not like or respect the person sitting in those chairs, but we ought to respect the office that they represent. Aren’t these the things we learned in kindergarten? See below:

  • Don’t pout if you don’t get your way
  • Clean up your own mess
  • Don’t interrupt others
  • Wait your turn
  • No bullying or fighting
  • No swearing
  • No hitting
  • No making fun of someone
  • Be kind


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