The Free Table

All summer and fall, the Crankee Yankee and I have been putting items on our Free Table. In clearing stuff from my parents’ home as well as stuff in our own home that we really don’t need, there is a lot on our Free Table at any given time.

Yesterday I covered the table with some of my parents’ dishes, glasses, doo-dads and knick-knacks. Let’s just say that Mom and I didn’t share the same tastes. There were more dishes and glasses than three large families could use; none of which I ever liked. So they are ready and waiting to be re-homed on our Free Table.

In our neighborhood, there is a very shy older woman who apparently loves all things cat related. I call her the Kitty Lady, and I have seen her take most of the cat items over the summer. I couldn’t be happier; I love it that they going to a home where they will be loved and cherished all over again. In fact, I put all the cat stuff in one box, and I hope that the Kitty Lady takes the whole thing.

It’s funny how mixed your emotions can be when sorting through the things you have lived with from years past. As for most of the things, I either don’t care for them or just can’t use them. So why not let them go to people who can use them and enjoy them? It doesn’t make sense to keep things that you really don’t like, just because they belonged to a family member.

I like to think that some young couple(s) who are just starting out would use and enjoy the dishes, glasses, vases, etc. When you are just getting your lives together, there often isn’t much money to decorate, so perhaps some of these things from my family will be enjoyed again.

Funny, isn’t it—when we are young, we collect and buy and look for yard sales for things we need or just like. As our family grows, we inherit more stuff and buy more stuff. However, when we get to retirement age, we really just want to get rid of as much stuff as possible. This is the joke we all go through; you spend half your life acquiring things, then the other half getting rid of them.

This is why there are Free Tables. It’s a market for everyone. And if you are in our neighborhood, please feel welcome to check out our Free Table.


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