Who We Really Are

How do we find our authentic selves? Is it found in our education, our parents, our friends, our circumstances, the country we live in? Maybe it is all of those things, or just one of those things. Do we accept the gifts we were born with, or do we tend to hide our light because we think we aren’t good enough, smart enough or strong enough?

When we can realize our authenic selves it changes everything. In my own life, as soon as I learned how to read I began writing poems and stories. Some weren’t very good, but it was a beginning. I have written ever since.

In most of the jobs I had over the years, I was a technical writer. Just what is a technical writer? Well, when you buy a new gizmo or gadget, it always comes with instructions on how to use it. That’s what a technical writer does; they show you the “how-tos.” I also wrote for fun and liked writing children’s stories more than anything.

When we realize that we have a talent for something, whether it’s writing or singing or dancing or sewing or caring for other people; we recognize that we have gifts that are to be shared. Why? Because even if we have low self-esteem about who we are, we are worthy, we are important, we are necessary, and our gifts have been given to us to share with others. 

You may think, “who am I to say I am so special?” The answer is simpler than you’d think: you are here for a reason and a purpose. You may not figure it out for years, but you are here because you are supposed to be here. You may be a nurse, a doctor, a lawyer, a media star, a dancer, a singer, an actor, a mother, a father, a sibling, a teacher, a writer, and so on. You may be the child who holds the hand of your dying mother or father. You may be the grandmother who instills a love of reading to your grandchildren. You may be a friend whom everyone cherishes simply because of the person you are.

I think that, were we able to see who we really are inside, we would be absolutely amazed and inspired. Whoever you are and whatever you do, please do not ever demean yourself. You are so much more than you can imagine. I will pass on what I have recently learned about being an authentic self:

  • believe that you are here for a specific reason.
  • believe that you matter and that you are supposed to be here at this time.
  • believe that you have worth beyond imagination.
  • believe that you have gifts to share that will change lives.
  • believe that you matter.
  • believe that you are truly one of a kind.
  • believe that you are loved beyond all imagination.

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