Fighting Fear and Winning

How pervasive fear is! We worry about our families, our friends, our pets, our neighbors, the state of the country, and so much more. Fear takes up residence in our hearts and minds, leaving precious little room for peace, joy, laughter and love.

We worry about what might happen, even when all around us is peace and kindness. We worry that we have been given much and what if it was all taken away? We worry about those we love and worry that we aren’t doing enough to protect them. Fear, like a car with no brakes, just rolls on and on, gathering speed in our heads until we can’t think straight.

But what would happen if, when fear or worry sets in, we say out loud, “oh no—not you again. Get lost!” Studies show that the majority of our worries will rarely come true. When I finally decided to fly again (and the last time I flew was in 2001), I went through all the horrible plane crashes I’d heard about. I also read that the possibility of dying in a plane crash is 1 in eleven million! With odds like that, I think I’m good to fly.

It isn’t so much that fear is waiting around every corner to scare us and make us worry 24/7; it’s what’s in our heads! And since that is our own personal head-space, it’s up to us to clean it out. My “clean-out” method is this mantra:

“Oh no you don’t; get out of my head and stay out. You are not allowed here. Everything is going to be FINE.” And I say it as often as necessary to bannish all those fears and worries. I don’t want them taking up real estate in my head. Of course, anything can happen at any time, it just doesn’t need to make us worry 24/7.


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