Fall in the Northeast

Here in New England, we get some pretty spectacular falls; the leaves in the trees are gold, orange, rust and red against impossibly blue skies. It seems that we get a year or two where the colors are just “meh,” but then the following fall breaks out into glorious color. This is one of those falls.

We have a gorgeous maple tree right across the street from our house, and it is filled with golden leaves. Yesterday there were no clouds in the blue sky, and all that gold looked like pirates’ treasure.

Then there are the swamp maples where the leaves are deeply red; so red that they almost shimmer in the light. Even the tall blue spruce trees (also across the street) are sporting loads of pine cones, which please the squirrels to no end.

The sights around the pond where I often walk for exercise and the view are wonderful. It seems that all the pond-life has settled in for the coming winter; the frogs and turtles must have already buried themselves in the deep mud at the bottom of the pond. The resident muskrat, Muskratty von Muskrat, is nowhere to be seen, so he and his Mrs. must have already settled into winter quarters.

There are still riots of flowers around the pond; tiny purple asters, bright red rosehips, blush grass, bright orange jewel weed, some pink clover, and the brownish milkweed pods, already bursting with silky white fluff. A few red-winged blackbirds are still around; their nests now empty. Now and then there will the breathtaking sight of a bald eagle, soaring high above and ignoring the squawks of offended seagulls.

I’ve lived in different states in my life, but we tend to love what we are used to; what we grew up with. And as far as I’m concerned, you can’t beat the Northeast for gorgeous Falls.

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