Backwards Day

When I went to summer camp as a child, there were a few cherished traditions that we all looked forward to, especially Backwards Day. (There was also Pajama Day, which meant that we could wear our pajamas all day long.)

But Backwards Day was the real fun. It meant that everything, and I mean everything, was done backwards. From the time we got up from our sleeping bags, we dressed backwards, we walked to breakfast backwards, we sat down backwards with our backs to the table and we ate our breakfast with spoons instead of forks.

The whole day was backwards, and we even sang songs backwards. Of course, when swim time came, we went back to normal; that is, no one had to wear their swimsuits backwards. But overall it was just a fun day.

I often wonder what it would be like to declare a Backwards Day now and then. We could get up on the wrong side of bed, we could eat supper for breakfast, we could back away from things we didn’t want to do, and we could read the newspaper from back to front. Why not?

Who ever said that we had to do everything one way? Things like Backwards Day make an ordinary day fun. Sometimes getting shaken out of our routines is a good thing. However, I’m not going to put my underwear on backwards.  Fun’s fun, but let’s not go crazy.

Just saying.

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