“Could You Hear Our Converstation?”

Last night the Crankee Yankee and I went out for dinner at our local seafood spot; great food, fast service and altogether a great place to eat. Although it’s become sort of an “older folks” sort of restaurant, there are the occasional young peple who come in as well.

We ordered our usuals; baked shrimp and scallops with a baked potato and coleslaw for the Crankee Yankee, and the same for me, minus the shrimp. As we were enjoying our dinners, a young couple sat down in the booth behind us. Since the place is relatively small, voices carry, and you often pick up on other peoples’ conversations.

The kids behind us talked about veganism; what exactly was it and was it healthy, etc.? Then they went on to talk about people they knew and so on; you know; just regular chit-chat. We finished up our meals just as the young couple ordered dessert.

By the time we paid our bill, the couple got up to leave. The young woman came up to our table and asked, “could you hear our conversation? Were we, like, too loud?” For some reason, I picked up a sort of challenge-y tone in her voice; I could be wrong, but you never know what can tick people off.

Before the Crankee Yankee could reply with something snarky, I smiled and said that no, we ourselves were talking a lot, too and didn’t notice (we did, though). This turned into some awkward laughing and she held out her fist to do what I can only assume was an invitation to fist bump.

I don’t do fist bumps, so I just smiled at her. She smiled back and they both left. Just as soon as they walked out the door, the Crankee Yankee said, “is it us? Are we attracting them?”

I said, “no, that was what could have been a small altercation or a laugh for both of us. You’ll notice I played the ditzy but talkative wife so that you wouldn’t go nuclear.” He harrumphed about that, saying he wouldn’t have, but I know this guy too well.

I just think we attract weirdness for some reason. As a friend of a friend would say, “watchagonnado?”


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