Brain Farts

There are not many things in life that you can really depend on, but there are some. One thing you can definitely depend on while growing older is brain farts. So what exactly constitutes a brain fart? Here are some examples:

  • You walk into a room for something, get there and forget why you walked in there
  • You put down your cup of coffee to do something, and then you can’t find your coffee
  • You wake up each morning wondering what day it is
  • You email a friend and forget how to spell their name
  • You put your keys down, go into another room, come back and forget where you put your keys
  • You go crazy looking for your glasses, and they are on your head

So are these signs of Alzheimers or dementia? Mostly no. It is just age and simple forgetfulness. It’s the same thing with remembering words. Just the other day I was thinking of peacocks, but it took me a while to remember the word “peacock;” I kept thinking “bird of paradise,” but that didn’t feel right. The birds are totally different. In a few minutes, I got it.

Here’s my take on age-related forgetfulness, or brain farts: all of our body parts are just as old as we are. It stands to reason that things will start to go wonky just from constant use. I used to worry about not being able to remember a specific word, date or whatever, but sooner or later, it comes back.

I find that doing “brainy” things help, such as writing, singing. following a recipe or making something. Without much stress, the words I’m seeking come right back to me. I liken my over-tasked brain like too many eggs in a basket; sooner or later, you lose a few. Then you pick up the pieces, and before you know it, you remember where your glasses are, what word you were looking for, and so on.

To quote Forrest Gump, “life’s like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”



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