Would You Rather Be Funny or Beautiful?

I remember someone asking Gilda Radnor (the late fabulous comedian from the original Saturday Night Live show) if she would rather be funny or beautiful. Her answer? “Funny. Beautiful’s too hard.” I couldn’t agree more. I think it’s a gift to make people laugh; nothing feels better than a good belly laugh.

Although I have a pretty good skin care routine, it is still plain to see that I am no longer twenty. Age happens whether we like it or not. I wear a lot less makeup than I used to, so it takes less time to face the world, and that’s a good thing.

When we are young, it’s downright adorable to use blue mascara or orange eye shadow. You can pull off any trendy look and be gorgeous. But using the same sort of makeup at 60-something can be dicey. You don’t want to be one of those older ladies who still slather on the makeup they used when they were sixteen.

One of the greatest things about getting older is that you can truly speak your mind. Oh, I don’t mean being nasty to everyone (unless, of course, they deserve it), but speaking authentically is a treasure. For me, that trumps beauty and all the crap that goes with it.

While I would love to think that I could be a decent comedian, I know I can’t: I laugh at my own jokes, and I can’t keep a straight face to save my life. I’m better at laughing than performing.

The Crankee Yankee honestly doesn’t notice whether or not I have makeup on. After nearly 17 years of marriage, he still doesn’t get why  I spend at least 15 minutes putting a “face” on. But I appreciate it that he thinks I’m beautiful, makeup or not.

And about all those lines and wrinkles we get as we get older? They are badges of great achievement. Smile lines, laugh lines, even worry lines speak of the kind of person we are. Our faces are the maps of who we are and what we have become; hopefully stronger, wiser, more loving and kind.

I’m with Gilda; funny trumps beauty every time.



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