The Power of Soup

The Crankee Yankee and I have agreed that our most favorite food these days is soup. Our favorites are the ones we concoct from leftovers or vegetables from our gardens, or, as we call it; “this and that soup.” Last year we had a gracious plenty of really good leeks, so I froze them. Just yesterday I thawed them out and paired them with some butternut squash, garlic, thyme, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper, some grated Cheddar cheese, oregano, some leftover half-and-half and beef broth.

Once everything was simmering and sending out drool-making scents, it was time to eat. We had the soup with some leftover rolls and it was the perfect supper. Soup is always warm and accomodating; it’s the meal that satisfies and comforts.

Ever since I started making soups from scratch, I can never throw out a chicken or a turkey carcass. Once I’ve picked the bones clean, I throw them into a pot of water along with onions, garlic, a few stalks of celery and some carrots, herbs and any other vegetables I may have. Once everything is boiled down, I strain out all the played-out bones and vegetables, and keep the broth.

After that I can add anything to it; chunks of chicken, turkey, chopped vegetables, a can of corn niblets plus herbs and viola: soup!

When you think about it, soup is a great healer of body, mind and soul. Had a bad day? Soup helps. Had an argument you regret? Soup helps. Had a close call on the road? Soup helps. Not feeling well? Soup helps. We have a saying in our house about soup: “it couldn’t hurt.”

I know that it sounds funny, but some people and pets are remarkably like soup; some are sharp and spicy, some are laid-back and mellow, some are exotic and stimulating, some are simply comfortable and home-y. All together, they make a savory collection of family and friends.

The same goes for soup; it may start as a “this and that” deal, but when the spoon meets the bowl, it’s all good.




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