“Ever So Many Years Past Twenty…”

Do you remember Peter Pan? He taught his friend Wendy and her two brothers to fly by means of fairy dust, and took them on an adventure in Neverland. There they met the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, Princess Tiger Lily and the dreadful Captain Hook.

When the adventure was over and Wendy and her brothers were home again, she begged Peter Pan to return. He promised that he would.

But years passed, Wendy and her brothers grew up, and Peter Pan did not return. One night years later, he came back. He asked Wendy to go away with him again, and she told him that her adventures were over, and that she was “ever so many years past twenty.”

I think of that phrase a lot. I remember what it was like to be twenty; strong, powerful, able to run for miles and do just about anything. I inwardly scoffed at my mother when she would tell me that later in my life I would slow down and would not be able to do all the things I could do then.

But young people have felt this way since, well; always. They never believe that they will get older, lose some of their abilities and slow down. They think that they will always love this, that or the other thing, and that their beautiful young joints will last forever. But time passes and our interests change. While we may mourn our lost youth and abilities, it is good to know that age brings its own gifts that we would not have appreciated when we were young.

When we are young and experiencing our own trip to “Neverland,” we can’t imagine being older. But we do eventually get older; there comes a day when we look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder when the wrinkles and gray hair happened. We look at pictures of ourselves in our youth and shake our heads and smile at how young and innocent we were.

But, when you think about it all, there is a great joy of understanding that, while we are “ever so many years past twenty,” we still have life ahead of us. And who knows what surprises and wonders they may be? Perhaps what we experience is our own Neverland.

Don’t give up; it could happen!



One thought on ““Ever So Many Years Past Twenty…”

  1. homerunbooks says:

    Just thinking this morning about all the potential left to be tapped!

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