Love What You Love Deeply

I think that everyone has at least one or two things that they love truly and deeply. It can be people, pets, a job, a hobby, a musical instrument, a dance, an outfit, a particular show or play, a house, a barn, a favorite season of the year, a special meal, and so on and on and on.

There are some people who live and die for sports. There are people who love theatre more than life itself. There are people who adore clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. There are those who live for certain movies and TV shows, electronic devices, cars, institutions, and so on.

I grew up an only child, and my parents were big readers, so I become one as well. We didn’t follow sports, and to this day I can’t understand the obsession with sports of any kind. There are folks who absolutely love dangerous stuff such as car racing, jumping out of planes, deep sea diving and so on. None of that interests me; I am too chicken to even get on a rollercoaster. But to each his own.

All I can say is that we all are different and we love what we love. One of my own obsessions is Doctor Who, a show out of England I have watched since Tom Baker played Doctor Who in the ’70s. I have been a “Whovian” for years now, and make no apologies for it. If there is ever a Doctor Who convention or Comic Con anywhere near me, I will absolutely go. Call me corny, but I just love the series.

The point is this: we love what we love. We are drawn to people, places, things, activities, hobbies, interests, and so on because we have fallen in love with them. We are all different, and we shouldn’t have to defend our loves. Not everyone loves reading or sports or the latest news or fly fishing. Besides, as my favorite uncle always says, “if everyone liked roast beef, there wouldn’t be enough to go around.”


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