The Gratitude List

The older I get, the more gratitude I feel. I often run down a mental checklist in my mind of all the things I am grateful for; each time I do this, the list grows longer.

  • As an American, I am grateful for the sacrifice of many who have given life and limb so that I may have the freedoms I cherish.
  • As a baby boomer, I am grateful for the way I was raised and the lessons I learned.
  • As a retired person, I am grateful for time and space for things I now can do and appreciate; things I could not do when I worked.
  • As a grandmother, I am grateful to the heart to have my granddaughters in my life; they are amazing, wonderful, and are glowing lights in my life.
  • As a wife, I am grateful to the heart to live with such a decent, kind, loving, generous man.
  • As a crazy cat lady, I am grateful for our five cats, each of whom I love and adore.
  • As a friend, I adore and cherish the friends in my life. How barren my life would be without them!
  • As a writer, I am grateful for the gift of words.
  • As a singer, ukulele player and cartoonist (of sorts), I am grateful for all the things that bring me joy.
  • As a human being on this earth, I am grateful to be here.

I find that, when things are not going my way, when I am upset, angry, worried or fearful, just reading my “gratitude list” brings me back to center. How wonderful it is to be able to walk, to see, to hear, to feel emotions, to be moved by music, to be enchanted with the change of seasons, to have a roof over my head, for food and water, for the chance to give back and for every breath.

Every day there is more to be grateful for; may I always acknowledge and honor that.




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