Do NOT Make Me Laugh!

This morning I had to get up earlier than usual, and drink a quart of water and HOLD IT. Yup, you guessed it; I had a kidney ultrasound this morning. Long and boring story short, my doctor found a minimal trace of protein in my kidneys and wanted to check things out. Fine by me; I’d rather be proactive than reactive.

That said, my poor old bladder just isn’t what it used to be…I threatened the Crankee Yankee with certain death if he tried to make me laugh this morning. It’s bad enough to be sloshing full of water, so I truly did not need any humor this morning.

And while I’m on the subject, I never truly appreciated my bladder much until now. I imagine it’s no fun at all to be a bladder, and having to do all those bladdery things that need to be done. However, I am grateful that I did not spring a leak this morning on the table as a very nice woman probed and prodded me. I watched the ultrasound screen and didn’t see any alien life forms, so good deal with that.

I’m all for fixing a small problem before it becomes a larger one, but seriously, it’s not a lot of fun to slosh around for an hour, full of water. Pretty soon, something’s gotta give. Thankfully, it didn’t.

Oh, the things that happen to our bodies as we get older! As the famous Dorothy Parker once said, “what fresh hell is this?”

I couldn’t agree more.

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