The Summer Sound of Slamming Screen Doors

There’s just something so summery about the sound of a slammed screen door. It used to drive my grandmother crazy when my cousins came up from the Carolinas to visit during the summer; that screen door slammed all the time.

Mom and Dad bought some gorgeous hand-made wooden screen doors years ago, and begged everyone to slam them. Unlike my grandmother, they adored the sound.

Now that Fall is upon us, we will miss that summery sound of slamming screen doors. The sound conjures up pick-up baseball games, volleyball, tag and other summer evening games which only ended when mothers called their kids in to wash up, eat dinner and go to bed. Those summery screen door slams bring to mind iced tea with mint, hot dogs and burgers on the grill, corn on the cob slathered with butter, ice cream and slabs of drippy and delicious watermelon.

The sound makes us remember how good it is to run barefoot in the grass, and how the stars and the fireflies seem to twinkle at the same time. The moon always seems fuller and more beautiful in summer, and the birds all congregate in nearby trees to gossip and then settle in for the night.

We sleep with the windows open and the soft sweet air, filled with the scent of mowed grass and family barbeques, drifts in to lull us to sleep. If we are lucky, we can hear the sound of whippoorwills calling to each other above the crickets’ chorus. If we live near water, we can hear the frogs tuning up their songs; chug-a-rum, chug-a-rum. Sometimes the loons will sing their beautiful trills; one of the prettiest of all birdsongs. Occasionally, there may be an owl or two hooting in the darkness.

This time of year is bittersweet; and we always hope for more fair days and warmth, punctuated by laughing children, lawn mowers, and people chatting on porches. While the weather stays warm and the flowers still bloom, we still have time to slam all those screen doors.


SPECIAL NOTE: let us keep the victims of Hurricane Florence in our thoughts and prayers.




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