September 11 – Lest We Forget

Although it has been seventeen years since the attack on the World Trade towers, Shanksville, PA and the Pentagon, that day is forever in my mind. I was working in Texas at the time, and I was just getting dressed. I had the TV on, and I saw the footage of the first plane going into the first tower. Many posts ago, I went through that morning and how I felt and reacted to this terrible event, so I won’t repeat myself.

Suffice it to say that this moment in time was my generation’s Pearl Harbor. It was shocking, terrible and unforgettable.

It is terrible to think of all those people in the towers, in Shanksville and the Pentagon on that day; some never knowing that it would be their last day on earth. Imagine all the people who might have been in danger that day but were not for reasons of their own: the stories are many. Imagine how they must have feel to this day to have been out of the horror of that day.

I heard somewhere that some schools stopped teaching American history. If we do not know our history, we can’t have the full appreciation of what it is to be free. If we do not know our history, then we cannot know the sacrifice of so many. If we do not know our history, we could very well repeat past mistakes.

Our history isn’t always pretty. Yes, there was slavery; human beings were snatched from their homes and lives to work the cotton fields and more. Yes, American Indians were routed from their land and put in reservations. Terrible harm has been done, and we need our history to be sure that these events can not and will not happen.

Today of all days let us remember that freedom is never free; its price is blood sacrifice. Let us grieve those whom we lost, let us stay vigilant and let us remember always who we are and never take our freedom lightly.


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