Acting “As If”

I’m sure that many of us have had that dreaded “fashion” moment, when you look down at your outfit and think, “what was I thinking?! This looks awful!” At home in your own mirror, it looked pretty good. But now that you are out in public, you can’t wait to get home and change into something else.

Back in high school, which can be perfect hell on your pride and sensibilities, if you wore something other than the trending styles or regular nondescript outfits, you stood out and were laughed at. You would then slink around for the rest of the day, feeling humiliated.

Well, style is a fickle thing, and in high school, there is little praise for someone who goes out on the “dark side” of fashion (meaning wearing stuff that no one else does). The trick of it is to act “as if.” What exactly does this mean? It means that you exude confidence and surety about what you have on. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what anyone says. (Frankly, a lot of folks who pooh-pooh someone’s different style are secretly jealous that they didn’t wear the same thing!)

However, high school being high school, there were plenty of unpleasant and humiliating scenarios. For instance, one girl showed up at school one day wearing a fluffy white wig. It didn’t do a thing for her, and everyone laughed at her for wearing it. Now here’s where the “rubber meets the road:” even if you’ve goofed up on the fashion scene and everyone is laughing at you, laugh as well. Act as if that was exactly the reaction you were looking for.

But this poor girl was clearly embarrased, and ducked into the girls’ bathroom to remove the offending wig. She slunk around for the rest of the day, enduring many snarky comments about her white wig.

As hard as it may be, you can even survive a fashion faux pas by acting as if you meant to look that way. Had that poor girl just left the wig on and laughed along with the others, I’ll bet anything that she would have sailed through that day, and possibly worn that wig again and again.

As I am so fond of saying, “let your freak flag fly!” At my age I don’t give the fuzzy crack of a rat’s rear end about what others say. Life’s way too short to worry about what others think. My head is much too filled up with the stuff think about; there’s no room for other peoples’ thinky-thinks.

So—let your own freak flag fly!

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