A Determined Little Skunk

If you read my posts, you know that we put out food and water for our outdoor “guests;” cats, birds, squirrels, skunks and the occasional raccoon. The Crankee Yankee built a wooden three-story affair for their “feeding station.” It has plexiglass on three sides and a plexiglass roof on top.

Generally the top “story” is for birds and squirrels, and the middle and “ground floors” are for cats and skunks. During the day, there is food and water on the top and middle levels. At night, the food goes to the bottom level for easy access for the skunks, and the middle level for cats. Of course, the occasional raccoon shows up as well.

Generally, skunks are nocturnal; you rarely see them in the daytime. However, now and then they venture out, usually on a cloudy or rainy day. The other morning as I was making the bed, I looked out of the window and saw a young skunk valiently trying to get to the food on the middle level. He tried his best to worm his way up through the shelves and the plexiglass, but there obviously wasn’t enough “wiggle room” for him to get his entire body up there.

I watched as he tried every angle on every side (except of course the only side that did NOT have plexiglass), but he kept on trying. Finally, he must have pushed the glass out enough to squeeze through. He went right to the food bowl and ate his fill. Job well done.

As always, I look for a deeper meaning than a determined little skunk’s effort to snag a meal. Sometimes our struggles are hard, but sometimes we get just enough wiggle-room to get where we need to go.

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