A Day at Storyland

Many of us grew up going to Storyland in Glen, NH. I went when I was six years old, and hadn’t been back until yesterday when we took our two granddaughters to Storyland for the first time. Their parents came with them, and the six of us had a terrific day.

The girls, Ava (7) and Juliette (2 1/2) had the time of their lives. They ran everywhere, and we adults puffed after them. The girls got their dearest wish: to get a picture of themselves with Cinderella (both girls by then had their faces painted, too). Juliette told Cinderella proudly that she was wearing her Cinderella underpants (I so wish I could have seen Cinderella’s face for that one!) that day.

We went everywhere on the little train that took you all around Storyland. Everyone loved it except Lulu’s (me) and Grampy’s (the Crankee Yankee) hips and knees. Let’s just say that the train is built for kids and not so much adults…

Everyone but me went on the little rollercoaster (I’ve been on two rollercoasters in my life, and hated them both), and the Crankee Yankee, who loves rollercoasters, wobbled out looking a bit green around the gills. He said that he might be too old for rollercoasters at this point in his life. (Gee, ya think?!)

We went to see the little Egyptian Nubian goats, (also called Zaraibi) and the girls were enchanted by them. We lifted Juliette up to the top of the fence so that she could get a good look at them, and one of the goats (and they really are adorable) put his little nose up to her, and Juliette kissed his nose. He seemed pretty pleased about it.

At midday we stopped for lunch and enjoyed some pretty terrific cheeseburgers with what had to be hand-sliced french fries (absolutely sinfully delicious), and then, fueled up, we kept on going. We saw everything. The girls got to run around in the “ocean park,” where there were colorful sea creature statues, many of which spouted mists of water everywhere. Needless to say, the girls were soaked but very happy.

Just before we left, we all got ice cream (and by the way, I had never had a pineapple soft serve ice cream before; it was fabulous!). We made one more round on the train, and Ava got to drive one of the colorful old-fashioned cars on a track (adults got to sit in the back and the kids drove). By the time we were ready to go home, the girls’s face paintings were smeared everywhere, their clothes were damp, and everyone’s feet were dragging.

But it was a truly magnificent day, and we plan to take the girls to Santa’s Village next. Back when I was a kid, Storyland and Santa’s Village were kind of a rite of passage. Certainly things have changed along with the times, but in looking at the faces of all the kids there, especially our two girls, these places are still filled with magic.


One thought on “A Day at Storyland

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    enchanting … oh those positive memories of childhood, now you have given those memories to these dear hearts. How special is that!

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