Is Selfishess the New Normal?

I certainly hope that selfishness never becomes the new normal. I think that our growing footprints in electronics may be helping the wave of selfishness along as well. Mind you, it isn’t always the fault of technology that makes some people more selfish than others. But I do think that the anonymity of technology encourages people to be snarky and rude because no one knows who they really are.

That said, actions speak louder than words. A dear friend told me that she recently witnessed a man park on the side of a narrow country road and leave his driver-side door open. All traffic had to squeeze around it to get through; it made a major inconvenience. Now he had to have known that he was causing unnecessary problems for others, but he couldn’t be bothered to simply close his door.

It’s the same type of thing with cell phones. How often are we trying to have a nice dinner out or read a book while riding on a bus or train or plane, when someone loudly talks on and on nearby on their cell phone. It’s as though they feel that the entire space around them is all for them. I don’t think that they realize how loud they are and that they are disturbing others. Sadly, even if you should be so bold as to say something about it, most likely you’ll get a pretty rude response because it’s all about them and their needs.

Much too frequently I notice that people often do not seem to realize that there are other people around them. I have seen way too many folks breezing through a door and not holding it open for the next person. Quite frankly, I don’t think that they even register that there are other humans around them.

We seem to be devolving into a pretty selfish “me first!” society, and it saddens me to see that. It appears that too many feel that they are the only people that count. But on a bright note, this makes any act of kindness and/or courtesy more important and appreciated. These are bright lights in the dark, and I pray for many, many more of them.

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