Common Sense; Not So Common…

By now I’m sure that loads of people have seen the video of the man in Yellowstone who taunted a bison and nearly paid the price for his stupidity. Really? Who does this? There’s a reason for fences and warning signs in Yellowstone and many other places where wild life abides.

In 2009, a woman ignored all warning signs at a zoo in Germany to stay away from the polar bear enclave:

“The woman – named only as Mandy K – was mauled and bitten by the polar bears after climbing over safety walls and swimming out to meet them at feeding time. She was saved when zoo keepers pushed away one of the animals when it attacked her.

The keepers’ bravery was praised after they dragged the 32-year-old German mother out of a moat for the animals. They had to shove the animal out of the way after one of four polar bears dived into the water and attacked her, inflicting serious bites to her legs and arms.”

Not only did she risk her own life but also the lives of those who had to haul her stupid butt out of danger. It wasn’t as though there weren’t lots of signs all over warning people not to get close to the area. She just chose to ignore them. It came out later that she was suffering from depression…and jumping into a polar bear infested area would somehow help?

There is a reason to call wildlife wildlife. Unless you are visiting a petting zoo where the animals are tame and eat out of your hands, do not approach, taunt, tease, or throw things at a wild animal. What in the world happened to common sense?

I’m afraid that, like the dinosaurs, it may be on the fast track to extinction.





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