“Busy, Busy, Busy!”

Not long ago, my step-daughter sent me a video of her youngest, Juliette (2 1/2 years old). In it, she was very engrossed in a wooden puzzle. She was concentrating on putting the square piece in the square place, the star in the star place, the circle in the circle place and so on.

I could hear her mom in the background asking Juliette how the puzzle was going. Juliette said, “Busy! I busy—busy, busy, busy!” When her mother asked her a question, she put her little hand up and said, “no talking—I BUSY!”

When I was finally able to stop laughing, I had an “ah ha!” moment. For years I have known that I am fairly close to the obsessive-compulsive red zone. I hate being interrupted when I’m doing something, and I don’t feel right until I have completely finished a task.

Could our Juliette be a tad obsessive-compulsive, or is it just that she understands her own worth and does not like to leave things unfinished? I tend to think it’s the latter. She doesn’t know this, but just seeing her so focused on her puzzle makes me not only laugh but admire her tenacity.

Every time I need a lift, I watch that video and laugh my head off. I am looking forward to see what paths Juliette’s life will take. I’m pretty sure that, whatever she does, she is going to be totally immersed in it and brilliant at it.

She doesn’t know this, but she has already taught me a life lesson, which is not to take myself so seriously. When the Crankee Yankee interrupts me in the middle of a task, I sound harried and aggrieved, which can’t be pleasant for him. So from now on, I take a leaf from Juliette’s book, and just say “I busy! Busy, busy, busy!”

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