The Power of Beauty

Back in 2007 when the Crankee Yankee and I moved into our current house, we made quite a number of changes. The biggest one at the time was the bedroom. We stripped the wallpaper down (I’ve never been a fan of wallpaper), and painted the walls and ceiling a soft aqua. Once we moved the bed and dressers in, all I could see was empty walls begging for pictures.

Mom came down to help. Between us, we put up quite a few pictures and they looked great. Until this past month, they stayed just as they were. However, I started thinking that, just because Mom directed where all the pictures went, I didn’t necessarily have to keep things that way.

There were two pictures I never was fond of, so they came down. Up went a few framed cards I love, and, right where I could wake up to it, a beautiful painting a dear friend gave me. She is an artist who paints wonderful pictures and makes lovely jewelry. When she gifted me with this painting, I immediately thought of how wonderful it would look in the bedroom where I could wake up to it each day. The colors are amazing; aqua, silver, purple, rose. Also, if you look for them, there are two hearts in the painting.

It is important and healing to wake up to wonderful things such as this painting. It reminds me that some friendships are eternal, that there is beauty everywhere if you look for it, and that talent is a precious gift. Things like this enhance our lives and makes us realize that there is beauty in so many places if only we open our eyes.

I am grateful to artists such as my friend, who make this world a better, beautiful place.


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