Now That I Have a Smart Phone…

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I finally got a smart phone. It’s about as simple as it can be; a Tracfone smart phone. But best of all, my best friend (and sister-in-law) is a whiz at technology and she offered to set up my new smart phone for me. How could I possibly refuse?

She did everything just right, and I have been having a lot of fun checking out all the apps and functions. I don’t always understand what to do, but at least I am experimenting.

I wanted to set up a ringtone; the opening song from the “Lion King,” which always sounds to me like “Haaaaaaalepena!” It’s actually Zulu for “I see a lion,” but it always sounds like “Haaaaaaalepena!” to me. Still working on that one.

I have not added in any contacts yet, but I fooled around with the camera. By mistake I took a picture of me with no make-up on—the horror! I won’t make that mistake again. But I did manage to take three identical pictures of one of the cats.

There’s an option to “ask Google,” so I tried that out. The answer I got was this: “I’m sorry; I didn’t understand.” But that’s ok; I didn’t, either.

The best thing about all this is that, thanks to my best friend, the phone is set up. I can take my time to learn about all the things I can do on a smart phone; there’s no hurry. I confess that I will still keep my old reliable flip phone charged up and ready just in case; you know, like a security blanket. I really don’t think that the new phone will get jealous.

So, I have finally taken the plunge to stick a toe into more technology than before. I really don’t expect to set up a Twitter account or Facebook or Instagram any time soon (or ever). I hope that I will eventually catch on to the stuff I want and need my new smart phone to do. Who knows, I might even actually text someone some day!

Stranger things have happened.


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