“Something’s Lost That Must Be Found”

I tend to lose things occasionally, and drive myself nuts trying to find what it is that I lost. I have a little mantra to help me find it, though: “Something’s lost that must be found; please, dear angels, look around!” It’s amazing how I can have something in my hand, and then forget where I put it down.

Of course, I can blame this on getting older. It’s like the time I went nuts looking for my hot cup of coffee. I eventually found it—in the refrigerator. Why was it there? Because I had my coffee in one hand and my slice of toast had just popped up. I wanted to butter it before the toast cooled off. The kitchen counter was cluttered, so I put the coffee cup in the ‘fridge, grabbed my toast and buttered it. By then I had forgotten where I put my cup.

Now that’s just absent-mindedness. However, some real “behind the scenes” things can happen that you just can’t explain. Case in point: my cousin had a pair of pearl earrings she cherished. Her husband had given them to her on their wedding day, and she always wore them on special occasions.

They were going out to dinner to celebrate their anniversay, and my cousin went to her jewelry box to put on her pearl earrings. There was only one in the jewelry box. She immediately thought that her daughter had borrowed one of the earrings for some reason, and asked her about it. The daughter had not been anywhere near the jewelry box.

Both of them looked everywhere they could think of; the floor, the rug, under the lining of the jewelry box; the pearl earring was nowhere to be found. My cousin was distraught; those earrings meant a lot to her and she felt terrible that one of them had somehow gotten lost. Her heart sinking, she said the angel prayer; “Something’s lost that must be found; please, dear angels, look around!”

As she got ready for her dinner date with her husband, she decided to check her jewelry box one more time. Both earrings were there, right where they belonged!

There was no explanation as to how that other earring appeared. My cousin’s daughter swears to this day that she had nothing to do with it, but she was a witness to this minor miracle.

Go figure.


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