I Bought a Smartphone—Now What?

The Crankee Yankee and I have had TracFone flip phones for years now. We always bragged about how we wouldn’t get hacked because we were using such old-fashioned tecnology.

However, Amazon Prime Day came, the price was right and I bought a TracFone Smartphone (a dear friend of mine, who is about as smartphone savvy as I am, always says “smartphone, dumb user!” I get now.). When it arrived, I took everything out of the box and even looked at the *manual.

My best friend, knowing how easily I get confused with technology, suggested that I take my time, and use my reliable old flip phone until I feel right to cross over. Honestly, I don’t know what my problem is about smartphones; they just intimidate me.

And it’s not like I haven’t gone out on a limb before. I’ve done a reasonable amount of daring things in my life; daring for me, that is. I even compiled a list about what scares me the most about having and using a smartphone; you know, to face my fears head-on. The list so far goes like this:

  • What do I do if I get hacked (and how would I know?)?
  • How do I talk using it; holding the bottom edge to my mouth or putting it up against my ear like a land-line phone?
  • And hey, what about all that medical data about smartphones causing cancer? Is that a thing?
  • How do I load up phone numbers?
  • Are robots listening to my phone conversations?
  • Are the numbers going to be big enough for me to see (seriously, the flip phones text is so tiny that even with glasses I can’t read it)?
  • Do I treat this as I would a regular TracFone non-smartphone; that is, adding minutes (I think that this may be the only thing I’m sure about)?
  • Will having a smartphone make me less of a fuddy-duddy than I already am?
  • Do I have to text? (I really don’t want to.)

…and the list goes on. I guess that I am still working though my technological phobias. I’ll let you know when I can actually use the damn thing.

*Having been a technical writer for years and writing manuals just like this, I did what most people do: I put it aside to “read later.” Ha, ha. 

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