The Things We Fear That Probably Won’t EVER Happen

If you are a life-long worrier like I am, you may be up nights tossing and turning, trying to keep the “what if this happens?” out of your head. Myself, I have a long and scary list of things that might happen. My fears at one point became so strong that I often made up excuses to stay home.

So what are some of the common fears? Here are some of mine:

  • That we come home to find that the house has burned to the ground.
  • That we get some serious straight line winds that causes our big maple tree (which has been close to the house and minding its own business for decades) to uproot and crash through the roof.
  • That thieves find a way to break into our house and, in taking off with our stuff, leave the doors open and all our cats get out! (This is the scariest one for me.)
  • That there will be a *terrorist attack near us, causing us to have to move down to the basement for weeks at a time.
  • That the Crankee Yankee and I die in a car accident, and no one will be there to take care of our cats (no, THIS is the scariest one for me!!)
  • That one of those tremendous spiders (from Australia; the kind that are large enough to easily cover the side of a house) is smuggled in to the country and it ends up in our neighborhood.
  • That someone will go on a shooting rampage in our neighborhood. (This of course would have to be a stranger since we have very nice neighbors.)
  • That I get up in the night and step bare-footed in fresh cat vomit (this has actually happened).
  • That I get up in the night and step on a giant fiddler crab. Or a lobster. Or a giant jellyfish.

And so it goes; from the ‘could happen’ to ‘might happen’ to ‘oh, stop it—you KNOW that this isn’t ever going to happen!’ I’m sure that lots of people have these random crazy fears, too. So—how do we get over these scary “what if” fears? First of all, I have read over and over again that our worst fears rarely come to pass.

Second, I am a big believer in angels, and I feel that we all have one or two that watch over us. When I get so worried that I can’t sleep, I call upon the Big Guy, the Heavenly Bouncer, the Kicking Butt and Taking Names angel; Archangel Michael. This is the angel you want when you need results. I picture him keeping watch over me and my over-active imagination, and painlessly but thoroughly sqeegeeing all those ridiculous fears and worries out of my head until there isn’t a trace of them left.

And, as he finishes up, he would probably say: “C’mon now, you know better than this; NONE of this stuff is going to happen. Relax.” And somehow, I feel better.

Whatever works, I say.

*However, we have loads of bottles of water, easy-to-open cans of food (both human and feline), chairs, books, a deck of cards, a battery-operated radio, flashlights, etc. Just in case.

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