Being Happy in Our Own Skin

I am very happy to see so many “body positive” people these days. Perhaps we can finally take a deep breath and love ourselves for who and what we are. When we can look at ourselves and see beauty, knowledge, grace, kindness and love for ourselves, we will have set ourselves free. We can be our worst critics or our loudest cheerleaders.

We women especially are so hard on ourselves. It is all too easy to bemoan the fact that we aren’t the cute young things we used to be. Well, so what? How about celebrating the amazing women that we are now? Wise women do not start off that way in their youth; wisdom is learned by mistakes and experiences.

How wonderful it is to see women of all ages relax into themselves, and be who they are meant to be. Short, tall, large, small, black, white, educated, uneducated, married, single, mothers and grandmothers and aunts and women of a certain age—we all are amazing in our own ways.

I could look at myself at my age and bemoan the fact that I am no longer young and pretty. Or, I could look at myself at my age and celebrate all that I am, all that I have learned and am learning, and be happy and content. Being older is a wonderful thing; no longer do I feel any competition with anyone anymore.

Recently I bought a lovely purple summer sleeveless dress. I actually look pretty good in it, too. Of course my upper arms aren’t what they used to be, but it’s not like I’m growing wings, either. I’m pretty sure that no one is going to run off screaming because they looked at my upper arms.

In the end, who really cares? A very smart woman once told me this: “If you fall down, get right back up again, smiling. People will look at you and think, ‘she fell, but she doesn’t look like she did; did she really?’ Nothing is more beautiful than confidence, and we “wise women” have plenty of it.

Let’s own who we are and let our freak flags fly!


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