Evil Weeds

I’m talking about garden weeds….and they are persistant, pushy, stubborn and downright evil. They seem to have sturdier roots that any other plant, vegetable, or tree on the planet.

We had gotten a bit lazy about pulling weeds earlier in the year, so three of our eight raised beds were pretty overgrown. I pulled out weeds from one plot, then moved to another—and realized I was out of gas; that is, too pooped to pull another weed.

So the next day I went full-bore on the second plot; the clover was strangling one of our peony plants, so there was a whole lot of pulling going on. As I worked, I felt my back and shoulders start to complain. But I was right square in the middle of the thickest of the weeds and didn’t want to stop.

The Crankee Yankee told me to go inside and sit down and rest and have something to drink, which I did. When I came back out again, I found that I couldn’t bend over and pull so much as a daisy out of the ground. I was, as we say around here, hurtin’ for certain.

The Crankee Yankee relieved me of my weed-pulling, and sent me back into the house. I had sense enough to put a cold pack on my back and switch to a hot pack off and on for most of the day. So we came to a decision; from now on, the Crankee Yankee will finish the weeds, and haul the heavy watering cans around; I will stick to the hose. Once the produce comes in, I will do the picking.

It made me think: weeds are a lot like worries. Their roots go deep and it’s hard to yank them out. Worst of all, they can easily grow back. It takes vigilance and action to pull out each and every one of those evil weeds; just one little tendril can grow quickly into a mass of weeds; just like worries do. Plus, they tend to multiply if they go unchecked.

Also, they too are a pain in the back. So, like pulling weeds, it’s a good idea to clear the “worry weeds” out as often as possible. Take it from one who knows; once you let those weeds and worries grow and flourish, it’s damned hard to yank them out. So, when you see an innocuous little weed/worry tendril among your garden or your mind, give it a good yank and toss it. Don’t let it take root.



One thought on “Evil Weeds

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Love it. I also love the idea of sharing the labor with someone you love and trust…

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