We Are Who We Are

I don’t know if this is an age thing, a woman thing, a societal thing; this thing about women being ‘perfect.’ I am encouraged and awed at the women these days who are unapologetic about themselves; the ones who are not super models or celebrities or politicians or deans of colleges or heads of huge and successful businesses.

I am talking about the regular women who day by day and year by year grow into themselves. By that I mean they come to accept who and what they are, what they like and don’t like and what they will put up with or not. Never in my years on this planet have I seen so many women who celebrate themselves as they are and who they are.

And what women they are! Unlike the female atmosphere I grew up in so many years ago, these women are kicking butt and taking names. They are tall and short, they are large and small, they are all colors and backgrounds and experiences. They wear their hair just the way they like it; makeup as well, and they dress for themselves and nobody else.

I find myself not only admiring these women, but I am also encouraged by them. Some women have had a lot of fun dyeing their hair purple or orange or blue or teal or pink. Why not? They are at home in their own skin, no matter what size or age they are.

Look, I’m a woman who never leaves the house without makeup, lots of jewelry and an outfit I’m comfortable in; but that’s just me. Over the years I’ve realized that this is all for me, not anyone else. What’s really funny is that the Crankee Yankee honestly does not know when or if I have makeup on.

This past few weeks I have been up early helping him pull the weeds out of our raised garden beds before it gets too hot. My usual gardening attire is my old blue jean capris, a holey t-shirt and a bandana around my head to 1) keep the sweat from running into my eyes and 2) disguising the fact that I lost my eyebrows in the Great Menopause War. Usually the Crankee Yankee will say in all sincerity: “you look nice.”

Funny, huh? The man honestly does not know the difference. But do. After decades of doing my skin care routine morning and night, and not leaving the house without makeup and jewelry on, I’m probably not going to change. But that’s ok; it’s who I am. And I admire the very hell out of all those fabulous and confident women who are unapologetic about who they are.

Ladies, you ROCK!

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