It’s Curtains For You!

The Crankee Yankee has installed three gorgeous windows in our living room and in the office. The middle one is a double-hung, and on either side are small crank-out windows. The old windows really had to go, and these new ones give the house a whole new look. I washed them all, inside and out, and they do look wonderful.

Since we don’t have window shades, I went out to buy some “curtain rod” curtains. I found some pewter gray ones for both sets of windows, brought them home and washed and dried them. The width and length are perfect, and the Crankee Yankee installed the black wrought iron rods we had upstairs and put them up.

Now, here’s where the funny part comes in. Each and every time we put curtains up I have to remind the Crankee Yankee that the “good side” faces in, not out. I think that this is a man thing, because you would never find a woman who would put the “good side” of the curtains facing the street.

Here is how I explained it to him: “look, we bought the curtains, so we get to see the good side of the curtains.”

He still looked puzzled, so I went on: “Here’s the thing: I don’t give a fuzzy crack of a rat’s rear end what passersby think of the backside of our curtains.” He still looked a bit puzzled, so I added “if you like, I can paint red hearts on the side of the curtains facing out.”

He looked at me and said, “Now you’re just being silly.” Silly? Me? I wasn’t the one who wanted to put the good side of the curtains facing the street.

Sheesh, men—you can’t shoot them, and they’re too big to flush down the toilet.


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